Braden, Tennessee

When the Louisville and Nashville Railroad was beginning to lay its present roadbed into Memphis in 1850, Braden, Tennessee came into existence. The McCraw family is closely associated with present-day Braden. Five members of the McCraw family came to Braden before the turn of the century. In 1909, the C. T. McCraw building was built to house the town store and like many stores of its day, sold almost any item that a community resident might need.

Braden is a small town nestled in northwestern Fayette County at the intersection of Highways 59 and 70. It has earned the diminutive distinction of having what is probably the tiniest post office in the state-located in a building no larger than a stock trailer. Inside, one discovers the dignified wood and metal boxes that graced the little country post office 80 years ago, but don't be fooled--the postal services furnished here are thoroughly modern.

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